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Mod post - ♥ Jack // Norrington ♥
For Lovers of Jack Davenport & Commodore James Norrington
Mod post
Um, hi guys. I have been a very terrible mod to you all! I haven't been keeping up with the memories for a while and have let other fandoms consume my time. I'm not abandoning you at all considering there are 315 members and people are still posting, however. If there is someone who would like to take over the modly duties, which considering it's been fairly quiet with no one being rude to each other are fairly simple, feel free to leave a comment here. I will screen them for anonymity. Having mod experience is a plus, but not necessary and I will stay on as co-mod if need be. If you do have experience, please include that and maybe some ways you think you could revitalize the community and get even more people posting?

Thank you all!


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